How Do I Turn Off Norton Pop Up Blocker?

Cyber security has become the need of the hour. We use various cyber security firms in order to protect the system from any kind of attacks. There are numerous number of cyber security firms in the world.  One such cyber security firm in the world is Norton Security.

Facing Issue with Turning off Norton Pop up Blocker

Norton security is one of the top most names in the field of the cyber security. It is widely popular for the kind of security they provide to their customer with regards to protection against the malware, ransom ware and so forth. The great thing about the Norton security is regarding strong shield protection against any kind of attacks through its resident shield program. But sometimes user does face problem or issue while working on it, one of the common problem user faces is regarding How to turn off Pop up blocker.  

In those conditions, it’s better to take the assistance from the technical assistance or follow these simple procedures:

  •     First of all, user needs to open the windows system.
  •     Then open the windows start menu, select all programs.
  •     Afterwards User needs to select Norton Firewall.
  •     Further a window like following should appear.
  •     Now, click on the Ad Blocking line and then turn off button.
  •     Further close the window.

Quick way to turn off Norton Antivirus

But sometimes user does face problem while using it, one of the common problem user face is regarding turn off Norton Antivirus. User needs to follow these simple procedures to fix the problem.

  •     First of all, click on the small triangle on the windows.
  •     Again, Open the Notification Area.
  •     Right click on the Norton Antivirus icon from a list of options.
  •     Further click on disable smart firewall to temporarily shut down the firewall.
  •     User needs to click on “Disable Antivirus Auto Protect ‘’ to temporarily disable antivirus protection.



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