How do I contact AVG by phone?

If you are an AVG user and need technical or sales-related help, you can contact AVG customer service over the phone anytime. The phone call is the most used option by the users to contact AVG representatives. If you need to learn how to contact AVG by phone, it is a pretty straightforward process. Moreover, you can also follow the step-by-step process explained in the content below to ensure everything is clear.

How to contact AVG representative over the phone?

The company provides 24/7 support over the phone no matter for what reason you call. Besides, to begin with, you can first choose the number for your region on the official website and make a call to speak to a live person. Here are the steps you can follow for better clarity:-

  • Dial the AVG customer care number 1 844 259 8811 (US)
  • Select a desired language and follow the IVR phone commands
  • Press 1 to register your license
  • Press 2 to Renew or Upgrade
  • Press 3 for service activation.'
  • Press 4 for home products
  • Press 5 for anything else
  • Select a department from the list above, and the system will take you there.
  • Ask if you wish to speak to the live person and stay on call
  • Once an AVG live agent joins the call, take the opportunity and discuss your issues

So by making a phone call to AVG Contact Support Phone Number and following the steps above, you can contact AVG customer service anytime. Now let's move further and learn about other ways to get the company.

Can you chat with AVG customer support?

Yes, AVG does provide chat support for users who are not comfortable over the phone and prefer to communicate via chat. To access the chat options, here is all you need to do:-

  • Get on the home support page of AVG online
  • Look for the 'sales support' section
  • You can then click on the 'chat us online' and proceed
  • Then fill in first name, last name, and email in the field, click on start chat
  • The chat box will then open on the screen; type your messages
  • Follow the prompts, and you will be able to start a chat session with a live agent

 How to send an email to AVG customer support?

 If you want to share a complaint, concern, etc., and want a written response, you can opt for the email option. To send an email, here's what you can do:-

  • You can log in to your email account and click on new email
  • Type your subject line and write your message and concern in the body
  • Once the email is ready, please send it to the official email ID of AVG available on site
  • After your email is shared, you can accept a response in 24- 48 hours
  • In addition to the traditional way of writing email, you can use the contact form of AVG available online to share your email

 Summary: By reading the whole information How do I contact AVG by phone?, hopefully, you understood and how to call on AVG Contact Number and contact the company over the phone. Moreover, if you still require some details, take the help of self-help links available online. Besides, if you are a prime member, log in to your account to get personalised support.




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