How Do I Temporarily Disable Norton Antivirus on Mac?

There are situations when Norton Antivirus stops the users from installing a specific set of programs and applications. Sometimes the software is very important, and you can’t afford to ignore it. In such situations, you can deactivate your Norton Antivirus temporarily. However, turning off the antivirus will not make any adverse effect to your Mac computer if you are turning it on after the software is installed. Here is how you can turn off Norton Firewall Mac.

How Do I Disable Norton Temporarily on Mac?

1.      Open Norton on your Mac
2.      You will see a small triangle on your Windows taskbar
3.      It will open the notification area
4.      Make right-click on the Norton Antivirus icon
5.      It will open a list of options related to the security suite
6.      Now you need to click on Disable Smart Firewall for the temporary deactivation of the firewall
7.      Also, specify the amount of time you want to disable the program
8.      Your Norton Antivirus has been disabled temporarily

Dial Norton Helpline Number

Disable Norton on Mac Temporarily by dialing the helpline number if you are not comfortable with the steps given above. This number is backed by highly skilled tech support engineers. You may dial it anytime as it is blessed with round the day support services. The support engineers are user-friendly, dedicated to their work, and are not likely to leave you unsatisfied.



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