How can I Remove/Uninstall Norton Security from Mac?

Apple Inc. is the tech giant which is popular throughout the world for the features they provide to its users. Above all, its security is commendable with its top of the line services. Besides, people choose security software to stop online breaching and install Norton Security software. Sometimes, Norton Security affects the functioning of other programs and users need to remove Norton from Mac. If you have the same issue then read this post.

Know How Would You Uninstall Norton from Your Mac?

  •    Before doing anything else, you would require going to the Application Folder and make a double-click on the Norton Security.
  •    Thereafter, you will require clicking on the Menu Bar of Norton Security which is next to the Apple Icon.
  •    Then you have to click on the Uninstall Norton Security option.
  •    By doing so, you will see an Uninstall Norton Security confirmation window; you need to click on the Uninstall option in order to remove Norton from Mac.
  •    Further, you will require filling in the Administrator Name and also filling in the Password associated with it.
  •    After filling the details, you would require to click on the Install Helper.
  •    At last, you would require clicking on the Restart Now button in Uninstaller window in order to uninstall Norton from Mac.

Additionally, with the above steps or instructions, you will no longer worry to remove Norton from your Mac. Moreover, in doing the above steps, you encounter any issue or technical glitch you may contact the Norton customer service team who will help you to rectify the issue immediately.



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