How to Fix Norton Safe Search Not Showing on Chrome Issue ?

Is your Norton Safe search is not responding after installing your Norton Antivirus? Have you checked out your internet browser to show but not found the icon? Doesn’t worry please as you are required to update your Norton Antivirus with the latest version of Norton that connects you with the service provider provide all necessary tools to enable the Norton safe search instantly?

Is Norton Safe Search Not Showing on Chrome?

If you are using Google Chrome internet browser but you can’t see the icon of Norton safe search on Chrome. For the help, you can go through the troubleshooting process that helps to fix the issue instantly.

Following are the Ways to Fix When Norton Safe Search is Not Showing:

•         Go to the device and launch Google Chrome internet browser and start the Norton.
•         If there is no pop-up for windows then go to the settings of internet browser.
•         Go to the Norton and click on identify safe button and press the next button.
•         Go to the general; settings and press next and select the Google Chrome browser.
•         Go through the instructions to install the extension and press continue button.
•         You are free to add multiple extensions and you can do the same from the Norton Antivirus.
•         Go to the Norton toolbar and check out the status is showing disable then make it enable simply.
•         Click the close button and reset the Google Chrome internet browser.

It is hoped now you are able to show the Norton safe search on your internet Google Chrome browser to search the website safe and secure.



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