How to Solve Norton Installation Setup Error?

Norton antivirus is software developed by Symantec Corporation which provides anti-virus and anti-malware. It is an internet security service that prevents the system software and various applications. It supports various operating systems.

Steps to Fix the Installation Setup Error in Norton

In order to use the services, firstly the installation of Norton should be processed. In case, if Norton installation setup is giving some error, it can be resolved by following the below listed steps:

  •     Firstly all the older versions of Norton should be uninstalled from the system.
  •     After that, all the security solution other than this should be uninstalled and system needs to be restarted.
  •     The uninstalling can be carried out from the control panel.
  •     Now, the user needs to check whether it is installing or not. If still the issue is there, follow the steps below.
  •     The user can go for the option of Microsoft system file checker tool in order to see if any files are missing or corrupted as it could be a reason for the setup error.
  •     The user can also check the disk tool to check integrity of disks.
  •     If any update is there, user needs to perform that and then go for windows update.
  •     Now, the user has to add the permissions manually to the folder of Norton installation.
  •     Finally, restart the system and install the antivirus.

In case, any issue is coming up, Norton support number can be contacted and information is available on official website.



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