What are the Possible Workarounds if McAfee is Not Scanning?

McAfee real-time scanning is not giving the highest level of performance. So, you are worried. In this regard, we must ask a question to you. Are you using McAfee Internet Security, McAfee AntiVirus Plus, McAfee Total Protection, McAfee Family Protection, McAfee Live Safe, or McAfee All Access? All these security products automatically scan incoming and outgoing emails with attachments for the virus. But any of these products may interfere with your email send and receive operation. Here we go with the fundamental reasons and effective ways of settling down the issue.

What are the Key Reasons Behind McAfee Scanning Not Working Problem?

• The send and receive operation is interfering with McAfee scanning
• Your email client (e.g. Microsoft Outlook) is lowering down the speed of the McAfee scanning
• Real-time scanning makes your email client slow and sluggish

Turn off the Scheduled Why is McAfee Not Scanning?

Turning off the real-time scan is a great way to deal with the concerned problem. If you deactivate this, it will not make any interference with your applications. But yes, you need to ensure that the computer is protected. If you run the scheduled scan when you are not active of the computer, you are not likely to face the problem called McAfee scanning not working.

Disable email scanning temporarily

• Click on McAfee short-cut icon on your desktop
• Or go to the program folder and select program
• Open McAfee
• Navigate to the menu option
• The REAL-TIME SCANNING page will open
• Here you need to uncheck the E-mail attachments in the settings option
• Click on APPLY
• Now you need to send a test email message

Are you still not able to send an email or facing a problem as McAfee not scanning? Let’s discuss some of the potential reasons behind this issue. Check whether Security Software or Firewall is making interference in the performance of the email client. Also, check you have any other Security or Firewall software present on your desktop or laptop. You can do it by navigating the CONTROL PANEL and activating the ADD OR REMOVE PROGRAM. After you activate this, you are supposed to send a test email message.



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