How can I Install Quick Heal Antivirus on my Laptop without CD Drive?

Learn the Procedure for Installing Quick Heal Antivirus on Laptop Successfully without CD Drive

Installing a reliable antivirus in your Laptop ensures to keep all the data and files safe from unwanted malware and computer viruses. Quick heal is among the best antiviruses that help to protect your Laptop from unnecessary disruptions. If you are considering that the installation of Quick Heal antivirus on a Laptop is only possible with a CD drive, which you don't have yourself, then you are wrong. You can also install Quick heal antivirus on your Laptop even without having a CD drive as you can directly download its electronic version from the online platform. Although, the procedure for installing the Quick heal antivirus software from a CD drive or internet is almost similar. Hence, the most reliable procedure for installing Quick heal antivirus on your Laptop without CD drive is as instructed below.

  • Turn on your Laptop and open a browser after making a proper internet connection
  • Then visit the official website of Quick heal and find the antivirus set up
  • Next download the Quick Heal antivirus set up files on your Laptop and wait until it finishes
  • Then open that Quick Heal antivirus set up files by vising the download folder in your Laptop
  • Next tap on the set up files to run the Quick heal installation on your Laptop
  • Give the administration permission to make change in your device and let the installation begin
  • A tab will appear to show the installation progress of Quick heal antivirus on your Laptop
  • Next, license agreement dialogue box will open as soon as the installation completes
  • Then you have to tap the Yes button to allow the Quick heal antivirus scan Laptop
  • Hereafter, a shortcut of Quick heal antivirus will be created on the home screen of your Laptop
  • Now onward you can run the Quick heal antivirus scan on your Laptop for detecting and removing viruses from time to time

Since you have received the most reliable information about how to install Quick Heal antivirus on my laptop without CD drive, hence you can perform the task anytime you need. Apparently, you are advised to purchase a licensed Quick heal antivirus software for its best usage in detecting and removing viruses and spyware from your Laptop. On the other hand, you can always connect to the customer service team of Quick heal antivirus software for additional advice regarding the best program for protecting your device from unwanted viruses.



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