How Do I Update Panda Antivirus Manually?

Panda antivirus is software developed by Panda security. It is an antivirus software which is available both in free and paid versions. Panda antivirus detects the viruses, spyware, worms, Trojans and various other security risks.

Steps to Uanually Update the Panda Antivirus

If a user is using Panda Antivirus, they are advised to update it on regular basis for a better experience. In order to update the Panda antivirus, user can contact the customer support.

If the User Wants to Update Panda Antivirus Manually, They Need to Follow the Steps Listed Below:

  •     In order to proceed, the user needs to be a licensed user for Panda antivirus. If not, the user cannot complete the process.
  •     Then, the user needs to download the antivirus file from the resource link. After downloading, the file is saved on a preferred location.
  •     Then, the username and password are entered and it should be ensured that executable file is also saved. Before downloading the file, the browser asks to select the location to save.
  •     Now, the user will go to the executable file which was saved and double-click on that. When the file is double-clicked, a wizard is prompted which will guide to complete the installation.
  •     In order to start, the user needs to agree to the terms and conditions of Panda security. After that it will automatically detect the application of panda security antivirus.
  •     Once the installation is completed, the user needs to reboot the system. The computer is now secured and protected from any security threats.

If any issue is there or any help is required regarding the antivirus, Panda antivirus phone number can be dialed. The customer support will assist with the issue by providing the best possible solution to the users. The contact info is available on the official website of Panda antivirus.



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