How to Fix AVG Antivirus Not Scanning Issues?

AVG Antivirus is excellent software in terms of removing multiple viruses easily. If you have not installed AVG Antivirus software so far then you cannot able to complete the task on your computer device with ease. It is free to download and install on your computer device however if you are getting any message to pay the amount to perform the task of installing and downloading with the amount then you may get the complete Antivirus to complete the task of scanning simply.

Here are the Ways to Fix When AVG free is Not Scanning?

• First of all, open your AVG Antivirus software on your desktop and move to the next option.
• Press the next button and click on the scan computer button and click the scan schedule button.
• Go to the parameter screen button and create a name for your scan and specify the type of the scan showing on the screen.
• Now select the schedule button and click on the done button after completing task eventually.
• It is hoped that now you are able to use your AVG Antivirus software then you can scan your computer device with ease.

Is Antivirus Not Scanning?

If you face an error and you are not able to manage your AVG Antivirus is not scanning you need to apply the internet tool on your computer device that helps to fix the error on less then no time. You can use install and uninstall Antivirus software on your computer device to resolve the problem in less no time.



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