How Do I Disable AVG Antivirus?

Avg antivirus is one of the amazing antiviruses that are famous all over the world for the guaranteed protection that it provides to most of its users. So now if you also own a mobile device and you are looking for the services or the antivirus that can protect your device from any of the online viruses or the threats then you can simply option this antivirus.

Easiest Guide to How to Disable AVG?

Now just in case you have started using this antivirus and now all of a sudden you start feeling a need to disable it for sometime then doing this is also not that big issue.

You can simply Disable AVG Antivirus by following the below written steps:-

  •   If you wish to turn it off completely then you simply have to go to the task bar of your windows followed by locating the four color icon.
  •   Once you are able to see it then you just have to right click on the icon followed by looking at the AVG window that appears.
  •   Then you have to simply slide yourself to the green button in order to turn off the protection enabled button.
  •   After that you just have to press the yes button in order to confirm the action the moment dialog windows appear on your screen.

Now these are the simple steps that you can follow if you want to turn off the antivirus permanently but there may be certain reasons when you just want to Disable AVG temporarily then in that case you just have to do as written here:-

  •     For that you have to open the AVG protection followed by going to the menu option.
  •     Then you have to simply tap on the settings option followed by tapping on the components option.
  •     And then you have to choose the shield that you wish to disable and then you simply have to move the switch to off state and you are done.



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