How to Do Disable Norton Antivirus Google

How to Do Disable Norton Antivirus Google

How to Do Disable Norton Antivirus Google

Norton Antivirus is a prominent Antivirus which secures the computer against the malware, spyware and other harmful viruses. But, it also blocks the third party app and untrusted websites. So, if you want to visit such sites, then you need to turn off Norton Antivirus temporarily. The process is easy and to execute the same, follows the steps mentioned below. When your work is finished, you can turn it ON anytime to secure your computer.

Turn off Norton Antivirus Temporarily ǀ Quick Access

· Move to the taskbar notification and select Norton Antivirus.

· Right-click on the same and click Disable Auto-Protect.

· Also, disable Smart Firewall.

· Thereafter, you will be asked for the duration, provide the duration and click OK.

Once the particular duration is over, Norton will start automatically, if you want to increase the time, then go to the Security Request section and mention the time frame in the option, Select the duration.

On the off chance, if you want to disable Norton Antivirus Google Chrome, then you can perform such task in an efficient way and for the same, follow the steps listed beneath. Once you are done with this, you won’t see Norton toolbar on Google Chrome.

· Open Google Chrome and then click on the Menu.

· Select Tools from the drop-down menu and further click on Extensions.

· In the extensions page, you will get few options, click on the box to disable the Norton Toolbar.

· Once you are done with this, you will be free from Norton Antivirus.

However, if you want to Turn Off Norton Antivirus completely, then you can do this activity in an easy manner. The procedure is listed beneath, just execute the same and apply the changes. If you want to remove it completely, then skip this process and follow the next stanza.

Turn Off Norton Antivirus Completely ǀ Competent Way

· Open Norton Antivirus.

· Move to the Settings section and then click on Computer Scans.

· Here, you will see the section, Microsoft Automatic Scans and nearby there is a radio button which is in ON position, toggle it to Off and click OK.

Hence, your Norton Antivirus is turned off successfully. On the off chance, if you want to remove it completely, then open Control Panel from your computer and move to the section of Programs. Here, you will get the list of applications, select Norton Antivirus and click Uninstall, located at the top of the menu bar. Once the process is completed, restart your Computer.

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