How to Disable AVG Antivirus Instantly

How to Disable AVG Antivirus Instantly

AVG Antivirus is a standout among the most solid and famous antivirus programming for the sake of this industry. This is the motivation behind why a great many PC user is utilising this utility programming to shield their PC and different gadgets. This antivirus offers help to shield PCs against numerous hurtful virus attacks. AVG offers numerous variant of programming bundle. So as an individual user one can go for most appropriate package. To totally close down AVG from memory is a troublesome procedure. At some point you wish to impair AVG antivirus security on your PC when it make issues, for example, you are not ready to open certain site or piece you from establishment of new programming. In such a circumstance you have to disable temporarily disable AVG antivirus.

How to Disable AVG Antivirus?

At the point when user introduce AVG software from third party service provider then they have to disable the antivirus in light of the fact that it might block installation of your software. To debilitate your antivirus you should be signed on with your main service account. As per your prerequisite you can disable your antivirus for all time or turn off some of its shields.

How to Turn off Avg Antivirus Temporarily:-

You can disable any of the protection shields in AVG antivirus.

· First of all open “AVG protection” at that point Go to the “menu” alternative.

· Tap on “settings” at that point open “Components”.

· Influence a determination of the shield you to need to disable at that point move the change to off state.

· Here you will receive a little dialog box on your screen.

· Presently you need to choose for to what extent you need to disable the AVG antivirus.

How to Turn off AVG Antivirus Completely:-

· Go to Windows task bar in your PC and find a AVG antivirus icon at that point play out a right tap on it.

· Presently AVG antivirus window will show up on your screen at that point slide to green catch to disable”security enabled”.

· For the affirmation Click on “yes” button when dialog window show up on your screen.

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