AVG Antivirus

Get Relevant Information About AVG Antivirus

AVG is known as Anti-Virus Guard which is a family of antivirus software. It is developed by AVG technology. It is a modern antivirus that is available for Windows, Mac and Android. It is subsidiary of Avast software and provide internet security programs like, ability to repair some virus infected files, periodic scans and scan of sent and received emails. It provide protection against phishing attack, online scammers by securing your device. When your system is not working according to its functionality and behave strangely then it indicate that your system is infected from malicious program and need protection.

Advantages of Using AVG Antivirus in Your Device :-

  • It is provide Protection against Trojan and worm viruses.
  • It provides provide protection against spyware for security of personal data.
  • AVG Anti-Phishing software provide protection against Phishing where unwanted user obtain the personal information through email.
  • It offer protection against unwanted viral files attached to outgoing emails by infected systems.
  • It provide Incoming Email Protection to protect from bringing infected files into the computer system.
  • AVG offer Instant Messaging Protection to protect users from receiving unwanted or infected files through instant message services.
  • It offer opportunity to users to scan a system or files on demand.
  • It allows users to scan compressed files such as rar and zip files before opening them.

Latest & New Features of AVG Antivirus

  • AVG introduces various latest feature which provide improved security and improve the performance of your system. These features are:
  • Real time cloud detection and AI detection
  • Improved online shield and better malware protection
  • Improved Anti theft, battery save mode and more informative.
  • New Quarantine, tuning dashboard, enhanced PC cleaning and browser cleaner
  • New app manager, and photo cache cleaning.

Why to Choose AVG Antivirus :- 

  • AVG offers Data Theft Protection and spying to control the sharing of data type and other applications.
  • It provide File Shredder feature to delete your sensitive information permanently so no one can recover it.
  • To use AVG antivirus users have no need to register or give out any personal information.
  • It provide the Remote Control via Web Portal and offer better support and help in compare to others antivirus.
  • It is best for security of social networking and parental monitoring.

With its award winning technology AVG provide leading software and services to secure devices and data. It deliver service to over 200 million active users monthly. It includes performance optimization, internet security and personal privacy and identity protection to enhance the security of your device. AVG is best antivirus and protection shield for your device. It provide free and paid services for the users. Users can download it from official website of AVG and installation process is very simple.